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If you successfully change the foes attitude toward you from hostile to indifferent, it agrees to play the proposed game in lieu of combat, even if it has never played the game or even heard of it.

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Being incorrect isn't an immoral offense, so I want an atmosphere where suggestions are flying but staying generally within the real bounds of dnd play. Go ahead and make your suggestion, I will try to police these biases in myself, but understand that these are factors that are in play.

RAW discussions tend to get a little too personal, and hopefully this arbitrary point system can circumvent that. All of that said, I have an exhibited tendency to be more forgiving/rules lax, whereas some of you are far more RAW heavy.

After a week or so, the thread will be evaluated and participants will be assigned a score.

That score represents how helpful or novel the poster was in their analysis of a feat's uses, abuses, interactions, and limitations.

All participants in the optimization endeavor post directly into the thread.

They may post as many times as they want, just like any thread where you volunteer your ideas.1 pt If the suggestion is particularly powerful or clever, an additional point may be allocated to reward the optimizerly thinking. All of these are judgement calls as adjudicated by myself.This decision is mine, although I will be swayed by what seems like genuine "co-signing," where other posters in the thread really glom onto the idea and develop it further. A rather undeveloped stub may only receive 4 points if it is a slightly modified rehash of a previous stub. A fully functional optimization of the feat that ramps it up to its maximum power level where there is no way to possibly make it more amazing, including a 20 level build that follows the same format as iron chef dishes, but with minimal write up, is worthy of 10-12 points.Arbitrary credit seems to be important to sway people's incentives, so I have devised the following system to award credit to people who help explore the possibilities of how to use a feat.I'm developing this pseudo-contest on the fly, so rules are subject to change.A small build stub, between 5-12 levels, that includes a small write up of how the feat interplays with a few class features, racial features, spells, powers and feats to produce an effect that is far beyond the scope of what the feat of the week is capable of providing on its own. As the Chair, I will remain interactive throughout the thread, even suggesting a few builds.


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