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It is therefore important to consider which government department may have had dealings with your ancestor.

For example you may have information which suggests that an ancestor lived in the Barossa Valley region, married in 1875, and had four children.

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See 'What you might expect to see on an historical AUS BDM certificate' for a description.

Australian State Libraries, local libraries and genealogical societies may also hold these indexes.

The answer to this question can be ‘almost any of them’ however the following categories of records consistently prove useful to family historians.

Almost all family history research should start with BDM records.

In addition State Records has developed a number of more detailed guides for family history.

These guides describe a larger group of records than those in the Fact Sheets, and provide some historical context.State Records of South Australia (State Records) was established in 1919 to collect and preserve the archival records of the South Australian state government.Since that time our collection has grown to over 70 kilometres of permanent value records documenting the work of State and Local Government departments and authorities.Although State Records staff cannot undertake research on your behalf, they can help you in the Research Centre by: State Records maintains a Printed Reference Collection made up of books and pamphlets covering various topics.The collection is arranged in broad subject order and subjects covered include: Industries, Biographies, Regions, Immigration, Women, Government Departments, Aboriginal communities, Law, Medicine and Federation.If the surname you are searching for is a common one, it can be difficult to be sure that you have found the correct person.

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