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You can also leave comments on member's pictures and profiles.In addition, you also have complete control over your profile so you can choose to share as much or as little information as you want with other members.You can choose to share your photo album with everyone or only with your friends.

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Once you register, it is advisable to upload a profile picture and fill in your profile information so other members can get an idea of you and your personal interests.

Once registered, you can either click the 'Browse' button to view recently active members or use the 'Search' feature to find members by Age, Country and City or click the 'Advanced Search' tab to specify additional options.

And when 80% of the messages are either, you can’t really blame them for not responding to most messages—even if you personalize your mails.

The fact of the matter is that women receive far too much “unwanted” attention.

The offending items will be immediately deleted and with the offending member permanently banned.

Member’s also have the ability to report any comments or material that may be deemed to be offensive.

This product of social conditioning rears its ugly head online even more so, as an average of seven men compete for the attention of one woman.

According to research, women who send messages to men are twice as likely to receive a response compared to men who start conversations.

Asianfriendly provides its members with a variety of features to be able to search and interact with other members.


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