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Written in response to the following prompt from Timeless Fanfic Prompts: “Not all love is gentle.

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“He was in the hospital with a gunshot wound when we left.” Agent Christopher looks between the two of them, her lips pressing into the thin line of someone who knows what they’re about to say won’t be taken well.

She's hot—that's the first thing Lucy notices when she wakes up to Flynn gently shaking her shoulder. Identical twins Amy and Iris were separated at birth and adopted into different families.

For those who have been left with no memory of family, the gifts that they are about to receive are precious indeed.

When 3 members of the team go missing, a discovery north of Omega City sets RPM on a path to discovering the legacy they had no idea they were part of and a journey to overcome their demons.

Maybe this is the final evolution, the last piece of Venjix's game, the end of the blind girl he'd crafted into a monster.

She coughs, choking, spitting blood out onto the floor. K’s birthday and have brought their parents along to the party.

There's nobody around for miles; the night is close and dark with demons. For those who have been left with no memory of family, the gifts that they are about to receive are precious indeed.

The bond of the Trio has been shattered and put back together, but still weak.

The psychologist wants to see me in two more weeks.

It's just so – ""Against the natural order of things? But then I saw the two of you together and well – the two of you were just . ""He went to have new tires put on the car," explained Sharon."Have you two set a date yet? My son Ryan is expecting a baby in a few months and I'd like to do it before then. I was thinking we could just keep it simple, go down to city hall and –Brenda frowned.

" Julio Sanchez asked as he released Sharon from a hug. "Forgive the insubordination but if you or the family need anything, you call.""Yes, sir," answered Sharon. "I'm sorry we didn't get to you more quickly," she apologized, a crack in her voice."I'm glad they brought you into the case," Sharon assured her. Andy told me that police were closing in on the area when I escaped."Brenda released her.


  1. 6) Always be neat and dress well at all times and in all occasions. Be smart always and dress in the outfit that befits the occasion you are.

  2. Tom dziewiąty jest znacznie bardziej rozbudowany niż wcześniejsze i posiada twardą oprawę. W czasie rozbiorów kościół został zamknięty, a hospicjum przejęli wyznawcy prawosławia. Rzeczpospolitą podzielono pomiędzy Karola Gustawa, króla Szwecji, Fryderyka Wilhelma, elektora brandenburskiego i ks. 1774 Austria, jako pierwszy kraj, wprowadziła system nauczania nadzorowany przez państwo.

  3. Currently in post-production, the movie is directed and written by Aronofsky and focuses on a couple whose relationship is disrupted when unwanted guests enter their lives.

  4. is an online gaming platform that provides access to the latest PC games and interaction with fellow players all in one spot.

  5. The demographics are favourable, with minimal competition from other dance-themed venues and bars.

  6. They both have a romantic interest, but it goes against the company policy to grant special privileges that are not fairly earned (thus conflicting with the employer’s interests).

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