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In 2018, the company will be providing the same vision and product for 20 years.Lululemon leads the industry in creating some of the most innovative and highest quality yoga and active wear apparel.

We'll look at the pros of this company and then at the cons and risks.

In the conclusion, I'll decide whether Lululemon has enough of a competitive advantage to be a stable long-term investment.

Therefore, according to these numbers, it would suggest that investors are positive about LULU overall and investors continue to take new positions in this stock.

This increasing demand for the stock could help to push the share price up further, at least for the short-term.

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is showing an upward trend and momentum of LULU as it recently surged in price from around to .

On the other hand, the surge may be slowing down as LULU is now showing an indication of being overbought.) Lululemon has a long-standing reputation.

In addition, Lululemon should continue to have strong growth in the near future as yoga pants are becoming more popular as a lifestyle change of daily fashion wear or at a minimum, yoga pants are a hot trend that should continue for at least a few more years.

With this in mind, I can comfortably say that Lululemon should have no problem in maintaining or continuing to sell a growing number of active wear in the next 5-10 years if the current trend continues.

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