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Art History Retraced Through the Black Square by Veda Popovici) to subversive (You are Safe With Me by Xandra Popescu and Adrian Knuppertz), poetic (Femina Subtetrix by Larisa Crunțeanu and Sonja Hornung) and meta-language (The Presidential Candidate 2083 by Cosima Opârtan and Ion Dumitrescu).

Public Speaking Workshop created by Xandra Popescu The workshop articulates itself as a framework within which 4 artists (performers Larisa Crunțeanu, Cosima Opârtan, Ion Dumitrescu and Richard Pettifer) develop their own training and motivational style to help participants create charismatic public personas.

Running Time: October 13 and 14, 6pm Artists: Irina Botea Bucan and Nicu Ilfoveanu, Anetta Mona Chişa and Lucia Tkáčová, Ioana Cojocariu, Alexandra Croitoru, Larisa Crunțeanu, Gery Georgieva, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Sasha Litvintseva, Goshka Macuga, Ivana Mladenović, Anca Munteanu Rimnic, The Bureau of Melodramatic Research Curated by: Xandra Popescu as a first Chapter of D’EST Prologue initiated by Ulrike Gerhardt Location: Martin Gropius Bau, Cinema Hall In October 2016, O’ Mystical East and West provides a prologue to the online research project D’EST: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former “East” and “West,” initiated by Ulrike Gerhardt and produced by Xandra Popescu on behalf of Atelier 35, Romania.

Running time: – Location: District, Berlin Cuarated by: Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunțeanu Public Speaking works with the accumulated tensions between the ideas of art for art’s sake and its potential to produce social change.

Drawing on our experiences as presidential candidates of Romania, high school rhetoric champions, talent show stars, real estate speculators, punk cholos and pop philosophers, we went on to develop a set of tools for the appropriation and subversion of political expression.

The workshop borrows elements of television talent shows in which contestants undergo a radical transformation.

Lecture-performance Artist Development by Richard Pettifer An Eastern European philosopher, communist and fervent Marxist intellectual makes an argument about art activism and political art.

A particular focus lies on the mapping of female and collective positions, as well as on additional screening events with guest lecturers in Europe and beyond.

The question of what the transformation means for the adult generation remains unanswered to this day — particularly for artists from the “East” and “West” who came of age in the 1980s and 1990s.Cea mai pertinenta propunere va fi premiata de Ambasada Marii Britanii si Hot cu un Netbook Acer Aspire One A 150-Ab 2*512MB, 160GB, Win XP Home.Castigatorul va avea ocazia sa petreaca o zi impreuna cu echipa Ambasadei.Ioana Cojocariu, Larisa Crunțeanu, Gery Georgieva, Goshka Macuga, Anca Munteanu Rimnic as well as Anetta Mona Chişa and Lucia Tkáčová bring the fabricated image of the “Eastern European woman” into question and reflect how it has changed since the end of the Cold War, when it moved away from the communist ideal of the emancipated worker.The works of Barbora Kleinhamplová and Sasha Litvintseva explore identitarian pitfalls and the dynamics between prejudices and consumerist desires, frauds and ethics.D’EST (Eng.: From the East) borrows its title from a work made in 1993 by filmmaker Chantal Ackerman.


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