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If copulation was successful during this period, an egg would be fertilized and one or more eggs would be expected.It is generally believed that a successful copulation takes place 5-10 days before an egg is laid. The history in Decorah for this pair is mid to late February, but has stretched to the first of March.

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They may amend or repair an existing nest with branches and vegetation, or build a new nest together as they deepen their commitment to each other.

A range of vocalizations, calls and chatter are also an intriguing and interesting component of their paired communication. Bald eagles and most raptors are monogamous, but researchers are finding documented cases of cooperative polyandry and polygyny with trios of adults identified in mating and nesting activities.

Generally though, once a pair has succeeded in breeding they are likely to stay together for many years and will defend their territory as a pair.

If one of the pair is infirmed or infertile, dies or disappears, a new mate will be sought.

Her ova are ‘switched on’ by a hormone secreted by her pituitary gland, which is activated by increasing daylight length.

They are ‘switched off’ by the hormone prolactin, which is associated with incubation.Cloacas are one opening that deals with intestinal, reproductive, and urinary tracts. rex was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs, measuring 5 metres tall and weighing 7 tonnes. But for another dinosaur – a Stegosaurs cousin known as Kentrosaurus – certain body parts did get in the way.In most early bird species, males had a penis that only emerged from the cloaca to deliver sperm when they had sex. It lived in North America and Asia between 85 and 65 million years ago. rex had the strongest bite of any dinosaur, with teeth that could penetrate bone. Kentrosaurus had spiky plates on its lower back and hips.It may have the longest neck of any dinosaur, reaching up to 12 metres.This dinosaur, which was herbivorous like all sauropods, lived on the shores of what is now the Gulf of Mexico. With its ridiculously long neck thrown back like this (maybe).Sadly, no fossils have (yet) been found of dinosaurs actually having sex, and even the best preserved fossils don't show the dinosaur's reproductive system.


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