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Yvonne Mac Pherson, country director of the BBC World Service Trust (which the Gates foundation funded), sums it up best when she said to The Associated Press: "A ring tone is a very public thing.It's a way to show you are a condom user and you don't have any issues with it." Right, nothing attracts the amorous attention like announcing loudly that you have a condom. Perks you right up Ethiopians claim they hate condoms because the smell of latex sickens them.DKT International also created flavored and scented condoms for Indonesia (durian fruit) and China (sweet corn). Condom trees In western Australia, the rate of HIV infection is the highest in the nation.

All of these terrific campaigns show the scope of public health social media campaigns that engage people and have the potential to bring about health awareness, education and change.

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The Jolly Joe, as Krause dubbed it, frightened many men during the testing phase -- they only put the case on their fingers. ) Others felt the loud hissing wasn't sexy and the latex takes too long to dry -- three minutes.

Krause explains to Time, "It needs to be ready in five to ten seconds." So for now, Krause is waiting for a quicker-drying latex.

He thought the pursuit of the perfect prophylactic was hopeless -- until he went to the carwash.

Inspired by the spray-on soap and wax, the German Krause developed a spray-on latex condom, which he claims always fits perfectly and feels natural.

This animated video explains the transplant waiting list, how someone becomes a donor, the process of matching organs, and signing up to share the gift of life.

They also have Facebook and Twitter channels to reach out into the community.

Showing skeletons positioned in flagrante delicto, these ads make no bones about how important it is to wear a condom while engaging in coitus.

No word if the skeleton ads have had the desired impact, though the graphic skeletons appear more popular than recent Trojan ads, which depict men as swine. Spray-on protection Since his teens, Jan Vinzenz Krause struggled to find a condom that fit correctly.

One college student claimed the smell reminded him of the beauty of Ethiopian women (it's not clear if that's a compliment).

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