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Find the correct category for your site submission. You will be taken to an online form for completion.

Yahoo will require your website name, its URL, and a brief objective description.

Express Directory inclusion is also a requirement for commercially based business sites for listing in the directory.

Directory doesn’t include sites that are still in the construction mode.

If your site is still in the building process, it might be advisable to delay your application, until such time as your site is ready. staff drops by for a visit, no incomplete pages will greet their arrival. Yahoo doesn’t guarantee a review of all free submission sites either. may never get around to evaluating your non-commercial site for inclusion in the directory at all.

The application doesn’t guarantee to place your site in your choice of category or sub-category either. will notify you by e-mail, of the success or failure of your paid Express submission.

The annually recurring fee only ensures your site will be examined for suitability within seven working days. As an added service, they will also provide any reasons for your site’s rejection. Be advised that the directory fee is an annual fee.

It is best to write the site description from an impartial third party approach. reserves the right to change your choice of description. It’s easier to provide a good honest description than to get one changed.

Your description should simply tell what the site is about in an objective factual manner. It’s far better to write your own website description than to rely on the Yahoo! Changing your listing or your description requires another submission and another fee as well.

will place your site on the fast track to a directory listing. fee does not guarantee your website’s inclusion in the directory.

It also doesn’t guarantee, that your choice of site description, will be the one used for the directory listing.

If your site isn’t listed in the Google search engine, becoming listed in directories is a great way to get your website crawled by the Google spider.


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