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Now you may be saying: “well, the death toll in those three instances was small because SARS and the flu are treatable and thus, not 100% lethal.

So, the number of people who were infected with SARS/the flu is a lot higher than the number of people died by them.

The coffee chain is reportedly set to release an 'extremely' limited-edition beverage at the end of the month to celebrate the spooky holiday: Zombie Frappuccinos.

About 3,400, and those were ALL Swine Flu related (and nearly half of them were in Florida, Texas, New York, and California…

meaning quarantine would've been relatively easy to implement).

But with the zombie infection, once you're infected, survival is not possible.” And you'd be right. See, there is one HUGE difference between something like swine flu and the zombie virus beyond existing suitable medical treatment: transmission. Whether it's through direct contact with fluids, aerosol germs, or touching a contaminated surface, if you believe someone around you has the flu, you basically need to avoid everyone and everything.

If the zombie virus spread like the Swine Flu, over 600,000 people would be zombies. The reason that influenza (in all its forms) has hung around so long and killed so many (thousands of people per year in the U. Once the flu's in the area, it's very difficult to remain flu-free. The lack of rabies-related death can be attributed to effective vaccinations but also because, at this point, people know not to get within biting distance of wild animals. ” so it would be long, sustained light pressure on your front door.

Extended exposure to harsh summer sun and/or the frigid temperatures that normally accompany snow and ice will absolutely kill fully nourished and healthy humans.

So how would people with open wounds, no shelter, and rapidly decaying flesh and bone respond to being out in the sun for hours or days or weeks at a time?

Though the release is nearly two weeks away, some stores are already getting their chalkboard artwork ready and sharing the results on Instagram.

Other baristas seem to be dreading the launch, anticipating hectic scenes like the ones made by the Unicorn Frappuccino.

Starbucks has not officially announced the drink just yet, but news of it has been popping up on social media since last week.'The Zombie Frappuccino will simply be the end of me.

#baristaproblems,' wrote one employee.'Btw Starbucks is rolling out a Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween it'll only be for like a couple days,' wrote another, 'and no I won't make you one.'The blog Day of the Human managed to get ahold of some internal documents about the new drink, which will be available from October 26 to October 31 (or while supplies last).

Aside from the fact that no actual virus/infection exists that would turn living people into soulless, plodding flesh-hungry beasts, there are five reasons the zombie apocalypse will never come to pass., I decided that while I could still watch (and enjoy) any and all zombie films and television shows… There's too many questions logged in my head from years of viewing this particular genre and here, at the end of 2010, I now feel a responsibility to myself and the world to completely unravel any semblance of the well-accepted cultural delusion that zombies could actually take over the world, if they existed in the form presented in popular modern media.


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